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Welcome to website.


By becoming a member of our site or using our services, you accept the terms of use of the services offered on this website by checking the box declaring that you accept this agreement. reserves the right to make changes, repeal and update the features and terms of use of the services on the website at any time without prior notice.





For the services provided on the website, you must become a member of the site and provide complete and accurate information requested in the registration form during registration.


When there is a change in your information, it is your responsibility to update the relevant sections by entering your membership profile. If we cannot reach you due to outdated information, you are responsible.


If you use these services on behalf of your employer, it means that you are authorized to accept these terms of use on his/her behalf.


The password you set during registration is for your use only. You are entirely responsible for all transactions made under your account. By accepting this agreement, you accept and confirm this.


By approving this agreement, you agree in advance to immediately notify personnel in case of unfair use of your password or account. does not accept any liability for any losses you may incur due to the use of your account or password by someone else, with or without your knowledge. However, if or another person or organization suffers damage due to the use of your account or password by another person, you may be held responsible for this damage. You are prohibited from using any other account without the permission of the account holder.





Unless expressly stated in a separate agreement between and you, all services obtained from this website are provided to you as is and are not subject to any warranty of fitness for any purpose or otherwise. . will not be suffered in any way by you or any other third party due to access to this website, access to this website or another website linked from this website, or use of the services on this website. is not liable for any direct or indirect damage, loss of income or data or any other damage.




This website contains content or software provided by third parties. The provisions of the "WARRANTY AND DISCLAIMER" section above also apply to all third party content and software on this website.

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