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Privacy Policy

Data Collection

When you book to stay at VERY CHIC®, you will be requested to fill out online forms demanding your name, address (home or work), e-mail address (work or personal), phone number (mobile, home or work), credit card information (type and number of the credit card, its CVC code, expiry date, name of the holder), reservation and asking as much as possible your smoking preferences. These information are required for processing, carrying out and completing your booking (including sending an e-mail to you for confirmation of the booking).

Disclosure of Personal Information

We demand the following information for following reasons regarding our services:

Booking Orders:

Other than the purpose of completing your booking, and except for legally required disclosure, judiciary inquiries, subpoena and court orders, we keep your contact information and credit card information solely at the hotel where booking is made. Nevertheless, we, from time to time, may use third person distributors undertaking various services and functions on behalf of us. These third person distributors may access your personal information (partially) to carry out their services and functions; however, it is not possible for them to use, share or disclose the information for any other purposes, pursuant to confidentiality undertaking they are subject to.


When you complete a booking, you thereby accept an invitation to be sent to you by e-mail in order for you to fill out the guest assessment form, without giving your name if you wish so, right after your stay at the hotel. By completing the guest assessment, you thereby give consent for uploading the guest assessment to the related hotel information page available on our Internet site,, solely for the purpose of informing (possible) customers about the service (situation) and quality of our hotel. We reserve our right to organize, reject or delete the assessments solely at our own discretion. Guest assessment form should be considered a questionnaire, and does not include (other commercial) opportunities, invitations or incentives.

Bulletins and other information: Your contact information may be used in our bulletins, campaigns and other marketing processes. Unless you state your unwillingness to participate to our address, these information will continue to be sent to you.

Visitor registration and recording the processes (logging), use of identification (cookies) and web beacons: We use cookies (provisional or permanent), cookies authorized by third parties, web beacons and/or other technologies in order to collect personally identifiable or unidentifiable data, to monitor screening behaviours, to observe and record the use of specific or private opportunities and announcements and visits to our web site(s), for improving our service and product. We anonymously collect, record, process and use details such as total number of transactions, web pages viewed, reference/base pages, platform type, date/hour info, and the number and place of mouse clicks on a specific page, shifting activities, and various data and information such as (search) term(s) you use while surfing on and benefiting from our website ("Data") in order to understand how our website is used, to carry out market analyses and to improve quality.

Furthermore, we record your IP address, the type of the browser you use, your Internet Service Provider (ISP), for behavioural targeting, fraud and abuse situations and judiciary investigations.

Form time to time, we may use third party services ("Service Providers") for market analyses and quality improvement studies. We may benefit from Service Providers also for tracking the details of our visitors or visitor activities on specific pages. These Service Providers collect, monitors, issue reports on data and other information and statistics, and thıs analyse your activities on our internet site. The information about your use of our internet site (including data, ISP, browser and IP address) may be transmitted to the servers of Service Provider and preserved there. Furthermore, Service Providers may transfer the data collected to third parties when it's legally mandatory, or when third parties are to process the data on behalf of the Service Provider.

No personal data about our customers visiting and using our Internet site will be shared by us with our Service Providers; our Service Providers do not collect any Personally Identifiable Information ("PII"). Your IP address, browser type and Internet Service Provider are not within the scope of PII. In cases required by laws, legal processes, punitive investigations, court orders of subpoenas, we may share your personal details and information with a governmental institution or a supervision organization, and submit the details and information in question to these organizations.

About cookies and web beacons: Cookies are text files provisionally or permanently stored in your computer. Cookies are used to verify identities, to monitor logins (status observation) and store some specific data such as site-related preferences of the users of our internet site, or the content of electronic shopping baskets. Cookies, as stated in this paragraph, may be placed into your computer by our reliable third party advertisement companies. The data collected by these cookies are completely anonymous. If you wish so, you may clear your computer of all these cookies by search and deleting all the files that include the word "cookie" available in the hard disk of your computer, and adjust your browser options to prevent (possible) cookies for the future period; nevertheless, please keep in mind that you will not be able to benefit from all features of our internet site, if you do this. Please have a look at the following address for more information about cookies (their use and rejection).

Web beacons consist of small rows of software codes representing the graphic images in a website or e-mail. There may be a graphical image that seems to be associated with a web beacon or not, and generally an image is designed to be intermixed with the background of a website or e-mail. Web beacons may be used for many purposes including site traffic reporting, single visitor numbers, advertisement audit and reporting, and customization. Web beacons used by collect solely anonymous data.

Preservation and protection of online confidentiality implements strict security procedures to prevent the abuse of personal information and unauthorized access pursuant to European personal data protection laws. uses reliable and well-known online marketing and analysis companies, which aim to create consumer awareness and establish responsible business and data management applications and standards. Most of these companies are Network Advertisements Initiative ("NAI") members. NAI members fully complies with NAI principles, and provide a general option to be excluded from the target audience against behavioural advertising. Please visit to determine NAI members which placed advertisement cookie files into your computer. It would be adequate for your to leave a control sign by clicking to the box corresponding to the related company, in order to be excluded from behavioural advertisement program of any NAI member.

Please keep in mind that going out of a network does not mean that online advertisements won't be sent to you, or you will not be the subject of market analyses. Nevertheless, this does not mean that the network you go into will not send advertisements customized as per your web preferences and your habits of use.

Securing your credit card information

We implement and use business systems and procedures to secure the personal information provided to us. For instance, your credit card information are transmitted to use through a secure server protocol encrypting all of your personal and credit card information. The encryption method used is "SecureSocketLayer (SSL)" technology, which is an industrial standard. has SSL certificate given by Global Sign. Our server and network are protected by firewalls against unauthorized access, and we have systems for detecting security violations created in order to monitor and determine unauthorized access to and misuses of our servers (and attempts about it)

Your credit card information will be deleted from our systems following your check-out date.

Rights about your data

You will always have the opportunity to review the personal data you provided to us. You may request your personal data by sending a message to the following address: Please don't forget to add "personal data request" expression to the subject column of your message. If your personal information is faulty, we correct them upon your request. You may request your personal information to be deleted from database by sending a message to the same e-mail address.

When does send messages to you?

After booking, you will receive an approval message containing all the information about your booking. You may take this message as a guarantee for your booking. We may send an e-mail which will possibly include information about the places you will go, your booking and some information and opportunities about the places you will go (including the opportunities offered by third parties to the extent you prefer directly by choice) a short time prior to your arrival to the hotel. Furthermore, following your stay at the hotel, we will send a guest assessment form, hoping that you'll fill it out. Guest assessment form you completed may be uploaded to the related information page on our internet site solely for the purpose of information our (possible) customers about the service (status) and quality of the hotel. You will receive e-mail notifications that include bulletins or other information.


Very Chic is the responsible party for processing the personal information on This is a limited liability company established pursuant to laws of The Republic of Turkey, and its headquarters is located in Zengin Huseyin sokak no 9 Gümbet Bodrum Muğla

We reserve our right to change our method of collecting, transmitting and processing the personal and similar data. Therefore, this Confidentiality Declaration may be subject to changes to reflect the latest alterations from time to time.

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