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From the moment you come abroad, you will be aware of the special atmosphere that has become aynonymous with very chic's slogan is very simple: "check-in and chill-out"™


Very central, very beachfront, very chic*.

Living up to its name with palm-print walls,

slogan signs and edgy industrial décor, the stylists sure pulled out all the stops when

creating this place. 

*Definition of 'chic':


Something or someone that is chic is fashionable

and sophisticated. 

Her gown was very French and very chic. 

Synonyms: stylishsmartelegantfashionable   


Chic is used to refer to a particular style or

to the quality of being chic.

...French designer chic. He radiates charm and chic.


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iyzico ile öde

Very Chic® Holiday Village is one of our most peaceful resorts – ideal if you just want to get away from it all and spend time together while enjoying our unbeatable facilities for over +18 aged adults.



Our Trade Marks


With more than 40 years of experience creating memorable holiday experiences, we are in a unique position to make your dream holiday come true. For 40 years, the story of VERY CHIC® (ex. MAGNIFIC) has been one of unbridled passion and that began in 1983 with the dream of one woman, "Bahar" Dengiz. She's created the resort for her beloved husband "Ceylan" Dengiz and son Ömer F. Dengiz.


“I have been visiting The Very Chic (previously known as The Magnific Hotel) for over 20 years and that surely gives a clue to how highly I rate it !”


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Our Team

At VERY CHIC® we truly value all our staff. We realize that they make the difference when it comes to providing excellent customer service.
We are curr
ently a family of about 100 people – only a small part of them are presented here – a team of devoted, passionate people whom all hold the key to our success.
Whilst the holiday village itself is the reason that guests come to visit us, it is “th
e team” that ensures their return.

The entire VERY CHIC
® Team would like to take this opportunity to thank all our guests from the previous seasons, and we will be pleased to welcome you and meet you at our holiday village also!

Sunny regards,


Get to Know VERY CHIC® A'la Carte Ultra All-Inclusive Concept

VERY CHIC®, with its Boheme architectural style, natural colors and spectacular Aegean view, blends comfort and more sustainable with such delicate balance and an artistic rigor to give you more pleasure than a masterpiece can offer.


Big Master Kitchen & Co.® is a passion project;
we serve you with a new system called "a la minute
/ show cooking" prepared as a result of detailed researches of our food and beverage department, that will start a new trend in the industry. 


Starbucks, which has become the brand of taste, presentation and pleasure in its exquisite experiences, is at VERY CHIC® for our valued guests. It will be at your service throughout your holiday with its very special Starbucks coffee menu, delicious snacks and spacious seating area.

Starbucks, which will bring its distinguished menu together with coffee lovers in the open area between 10:00 - 18:00, is waiting for you.

How can I help you?

VERY HELP® assistance is designed as a hotel concierge app that can fulfill multiple guest requests from a smartphone.

Very chic mobile

Very High speed internet

High speed internet access & hospitality WiFi custom-designed to match your needs during your holiday stay.

Party times...

Dance to the rhythm of top DJs and be carried away by the shows and performances offered at each party. Make the most of your all-inclusive service and enjoy the most fun possible with VERY CHIC®!


Blogging is a vital part of speaking to our targeted customer base. VERY CHIC® related topics for blog posts are plentiful, and we’re able to provide quick answers and additional support to you.



At VERY CHIC®, we consider each and every guest a VIP. But when you become a Very Chic® Person (VCP) Member, we'll spoil you even more.

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